Fleet Analysis

We determine the needs of the company. In order to get the right service not the cheapest, we set our short term and long term goals and create a roadmap.

We think that we need to source the fleet in according to different needs of the customer since each customer has their own specific requirements. Productivity is key and it is important to start with the right analysis.

This is exactly what we do.

  • Analayzing the existing fleet
  • Indentifying the ideal leasing period
  • Creating annual and total fleet leasing budget
  • Establishing/updating and implementing a fleet policy
  • Establishing/updating and implementing driver policy
  • Review of existing contracts
  • Analysis of traffic penalties by each vehicle/driver
  • Analysis of damage by each vehicle/driver
  • Analysis of gas consumption by each vehicle/driver
  • Analysis of toll expenses (HGS/OGS)
  • Analysis of expenses other than lease payments