About Us

We provide independent fleet management and brokerage services to businesses in line with our customer needs. Our 12 years of total fleet leasing experience in the Turkish fleet leasing industry in Turkey helpswhich enables us to assess each situation from both angles.

Our company provide service to all sizes of customers that needs support to establish and effectively manage their fleets. We act as a bridge between fleet leasing companies and customers.

In cases where our customer has more than one supplier, we consolidate the information provided in various forms into one standard format and through the consolidation of the provided information our suppliers deal only with our Company and easily get full reporting and analysis.

Our Values

  • Respecting time and rights of our customer.
  • Increse the satisfaciton and motivatiton of our employees.
  • Create value to our suplliers.
  • Fully recognizing the obligaiton to preserve nature and universal values when establishing a fleet policy.

Would you like to join us?

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